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Different Application of Switchable Smart Film and Smart Glass

Business Office Application

Bring you an easy-control space. Improving enterprise image,security and privacy. Creating a high elegant business atmosphere.

Remote controlable into transparent or opaque status by applying electricity,clear or opaque at your demand, provide you absolute privacy.

Hotel Bathroom Application

Applicated in hotel shower room, it is enhancing delight & joy of life, and building elegant & romantic atmosphere.

The application is truly making “light moves with your heart” by adjusting the light as your own will.

Medical Institution Application

As the replacement of curtain, partition of privacy-protection would be achieved. Strong, safety ,sound-insulation, and better advantage of environment-protecting, easy clean.

Eliminating worries and pressure for both health care workers and patients.

Financial Banks Application

Application in banks, convenient for daily operation. When meeting robberies, application could protect personal and property safety by losing gangsters’ target instantly.

When smart glass turn into opaque status, you can not see through the teller windows.

Rear Projection Application

Smart film and smart glass can be display screen in rear projection, you can apply at bank teller window, car window, exhibition hall or shopping mall windows, and display your ad when you needed.

You can use to display your advertisement when you need.


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