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Project Videos

Switchable glass company office partition

Switchable glass with printing image on glass

High transparency switchable glass partition

High transparency Switchable smart glass

Self adhesive smart film in Canada

Smart glass application in movie

Office With OYPDLC Self-adhesive Smart Film

Self-adhesive smart film apply at mirror glass

Adhesive smart film as display screen with projector

Switchable smart glass during installation

HongKong modern office smart glass

Self-adhesive smart film in Malaysia

Tutorial Videos

Installation guide of self-adhesive smart film

Busbar installation guide for swicthable smart film

Multi-channel control of smart film(6 channels)

Change soldering iron tip to make a hole to smart film

Open a circle hole on smart film with soldering iron

Use sharp scissors to cut smart film in shape you want

Self adhesive smart film installation instruction

How to sandwich lamination smart film into glass before lamination

Self adhevie film pasting and cutting the extra edge

Self adhesive smart film dimming control

Mobile App control and 433MHz RF remote control

Smart film glass dimmer mobile app control