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Project Description


The switchable smart glass is the end product after lamination with PDLC smart film.  No matter you are end user or factory, you can install it directly like installing ordinary glass.

  • Intelligent glass, opaque or clear at you command.
  • Secure, safety glass and dimmable glass.
  • Most stable can apply to the complicated environment.
  • Lead time about 12 work days.

The switchable smart glass is a kind of laminated glass product consisting of a PDLC smart film sandwiched between two layers of glass. The PDLC film allows you to change the glass from opaque to transparent(or dim anywhere in between).

daboli-switchable glass

Power On: Glass become transparent
Power Off: Glass become opaque

We provide complete Switchable smart glass already made with wiring.  Customers can directly install to where they wanted. Our switchable smart glass is laminated with tempered glass, finished product is more security and safety.


Smart PDLC film can turn from transparent to opaque status, by applying or removing electric field to drive the liquid crystal molecules in aligned or disordered array.



You can install the switchable Smart Glass at Office, Hotel, KTV, Residence, Car, Shopping mall, Hospital, Projection application, etc

1. Q: What geographical region does OYPDLC serve?
A: The whole world.

2. Q: Can the smart glass be used in doors?
A: Yes, for example: Frameless doors, sliding doors etc.

3. Q: Can it be drilled holes? Can it be cut?
A: Yes, we can make holes or cut the glass as you request, please give us the drawing with size in advance when you place the order.

4. Q: How to control the smart glass in Transparent or opaque status? Can use dimmer to control the transparency of the glass?
A: The smart glass will become transparent when power on, and become opaque when power off. And yes we can supply dimmer control device, then you can dimmer control the transparency of the smart glass.

5. Q: What’s the working voltage of the film? How’s the electric consumption?
A: The working voltage of the film is 48V-60V AC, we will provide the transformer to change your household voltage to the voltage. The consumption of the film is about 5Watt per square meter film.

6. Q: Can we install this product ourselves?
A: Yes, the install process is similar to ordinary glass. Just need extra connect the wires. You can hire a glazier in local to help you install the glass if you don’t have experience in installing ordinary glass.

7. Q: Can we cut the smart glass after we receive in our site?
A: No, you cannot cut it anymore, because it’s tempered glass laminated with EVA film. The trying to cut may lead to broken to the glass.

8. Q: Can Smart Glass be used in bathrooms?
A: Yes, it’s no problem. In fact, we install a lot projects in Hotel bathroom.

9. Q: What’s the available color for Switchable Smart Glass?
A: Color like White, light grey, dark grey, pink, green, blue and other colors as your wish, just for some color will have a Minimum Order Quantity.

10. Q: How does a user control the Switchable Smart Glass?
A: The smart glass can be control by Wall switch, Remote controller, Dimmer or Mobile app. We can offer the suitable transformer and controller for your choice.

11. Q: What’s the lead time of the non-adhesive smart film?
A: For smart glass, usually lead time is about 12 working days depending on the required glass dimensions and quantities. Please send us the size& quantities information to get a quote and estimate the more exact lead time.

12. Q: What’s the shipping way for the product?
A: For switchable smart glass, normally we will pack in Wooden case, then send by Sea to the sea-port that close to you. So you will need to tell us which port shall ship to, then we will check the shipping freight to you. It can also be send by airplane, but the shipping freight will be very expensive. FYI